Korugar is a planet in sector 1417, whose inhabitants evolved remarkably similar to human’s with few differences here and there.

Interesting.. What sort of differences?

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Ay th’re maiden of blonde locks, how fair thee?

.. You are an idiot.

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Oh god, I suddenly have an inability to shut up. What…am…I…going…to…do?

You’re going to get hit!

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Apologies my friend. I simply cannot resist this midgardian food after a while spent in Asgard.

I don’t think many people can. Least you could do is share, though, Thor.


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Greetings, Lady Carol! How fare thee this day?

I’m just grand. I’d ask how you are… but it seems as if you’re too busy eating.

Of course.


"Yes. Maybe." And then she punches him square in the shoulder, scowling as she does so.

Put a ♥ in my ask and I'll tell you if my character finds yours attractive or not.

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Do you think you’re funny?


Eyes up top Peter, eyes up top.


Me? Well, um.

Shut up.

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